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a) Payment details for Brunei Darussalam

AdXpert Marketing
BIBD # 00-015-01-001667-5

b) Payment details for International Exhibitors

Bank Account: 800 911 9791
Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad (Branch: The Strand, Kota Damansara)

*Please send us the proof of payment together with your details (company name & phone number) to [email protected]


a) Upon submitting the application form to the Organizer, it constitute an agreement which is a binding contract between the Organizer and the Exhibitor subject to the parties' respective rights described in the general rules and regulations set forth below. No space shall be permitted to exhibit at the show unless the Exhibitor has executed this agreement, paid all applicable fees and otherwise complied with this agreement in all respects.

b) The Organizer reserves the right to increase or decrease exhibition hours and days and advance notice will be sent should this occur.

c) During the exhibition opening hours the stand must be manned by a sufficient number of staff and should be accessible to visitors. Exhibitors have no right of access to other stands outside the official opening hours, unless permission has been obtained from the stand exhibitors. Exhibition stands must be operated in accordance with the legal conditions and administrative guidelines.

d) Exhibitor understands and acknowledges that internet facilities is not provided by the Organizer, and as such, the organizer assumes no responsibility for any disruption in services.

e) An invoice will be issued once Organizer has received the Exhibitor Form from Exhibitor. The exhibitor will have to remit payment immediately and it will serve as confirmation.

f) The Organizer has the right to withdraw any participation without any refundable fee for a vendor that did not abide by the rules & regulations or conducting any illegal products or activities according the law of Brunei Darussalam.

g) The Organizer is not responsible at representing any participating vendors/companies/organisations/non-goverment bodies.